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Thorpe Park, Surrey is the UK's most thrilling theme park - with over 25 amazing rides and attractions, including Stealth, Europe’s fastest roller coaster, Colossus, Nemesis and for all the family to enjoy, Flying Fish. Thorpe Park is a great destination for your child’s birthday or for a children’s party. Depending on the numbers, a red Fire Engine can be hired to make the day out even better. With a capacity of 8 people, the Fire Engine limousine will turn up with lights flashing and sirens blaring. If there are more than 8 kids then there are always huge Hummers, Excursion 4x4 limos and Lincoln Navigator limousines available in Surrey. Designed in America these massive 4x4 limousines can carry up to 20 people. Contact now to find out more about Fire Engine limos or massive stretch limousines in Surrey.

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