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Themed limousines are on the increase throughout the UK with many people choosing to hire them for hen nights and children’s parties. Perhaps the best known of these are Fire Engines and Party Buses. However a whole range of lesser known but just as fun themed limos are available to rent from Limotek.co.uk and our limousine companies.

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Some people may end up leaving in an ambulance after a heavy nights drinking and clubbing, but how about arriving for you night out in a yellow or pink ambulance limo equipped with dance floor and massive sound system. How about the crazy prison van limousine available now for rental in the UK and especially popular with stag parties? Then there is the amazing police car limousine which can seat up to 6 people. You could of course hire a Fire Engine, stretched police car and ambulance and have your own emergency service convoy. Other themed stretch cars include the blue WKD Lincoln Town Car, based on the popular drink of the same name and a variety of party buses.Check out some of our national locations at Limo Hire Bradford , Limo Hire Brighton , Limo Hire Hounslow , Limo Hire London , Limo Hire Bristol

Whatever crazy or themed limousine you want to hire, contact Limotek.co.uk today for more information.

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Themed limo rental is available to hire nationwide.