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Audi Q7 limo

Audi Q7 limousine

The latest addition to the ever growing list of fantastic new stretched limousine is the new Audi Q7 limousine. This stretch limousine is another European model as they compete with the big American stretch Hummers and stretched Lincolns.

BMW X5 limo

BMW X5 limousine

The BMW X5 is a monster on the road and the X5 stretch limo is just the same. Luxury stretched to the max with all the benefits of an X5 but with more space. They come equipped with the latest technology and are top of the range vehicle to travel in, definitely a limo to watch out for!

Chrysler c300 Baby Bentley limo

Chrysler c300 Baby Bentley

A magnificent limousine now becoming very popular with our customers. A Chrysler but with the look and style of the Bentley, hence it's name. Often fitted with Lamborghini-style doors, this car has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Ferrari 360 limo

Ferrari limousine

The Ferrari limousine is the only limousine for hire in UK that can hit speeds of 150mph. The limousine was originally a normal Ferrari 360 sports car which has been stretched out by a limousine company in Manchester. The vehicle is able to seat up to 8 passengers and can only be classed as a once in a lifetime experience.

Fire Engine limo

Fire Engine limousine

The Fire Engine limo is just that, a fire engine converted into a limousine. A little more unusual than your regular limo, but we do receive a number of quotes for these vehicles to hire. They are quite popular with hen nights and girly parties, as women do seem to have a thing for firemen!

Ford Excursion limo

Ford Excursion limousine

The Ford Excursion keeps pushing away at the Hummer limo for top spot in the limo hire 4x4 stakes. Packed with enough gadgets to keep Jeremy Clarkson amused for days, Ford Excursions are extremely good limos. They are available in all colours and have enough space to party without ever having to leave the limo; you may not want to get out!

Hummer limo

Hummer limousine

The Hummer Limousine is probably the most sought after limousine available. Packed with all the gadgets and always covered in lavish luxury interior, Hummer Limos come in all kinds of colours and are always well presented. Hummer Limousines ooze style, wealth and elegance; they have to be seen to be believed. Popular with girly parties, kids parties, weddings, proms and anything else you may need to hire a limo for. The Hummer limousine continue to be the biggest player in the game!

Jeep Expedition limo

Jeep Expedition limousine

How about hiring an ‘off road’ 4x4 Jeep Limousine. Just as glam as the Hummer limousine but a lot cheaper, the Jeep 4x4 Limousine is available in most colours including white, black, silver and even pink. Very spacious inside and fitted with all the mod cons such as flat screen TVs, DVD’s mood and disco lighting as well as a fully stocked bar, they can carry up to 16 people.

Lincoln Navigator limo

Lincoln Navigator limousine

The Lincoln Navigator limousine is currently fighting the Hummer limo for the top spot in the hire popularity stakes. A lot of people, when looking for a 4x4, ask for a Hummer Limo because that is the only one they have heard of, but the Navigator limousine is almost exactly the same. The Navigator stretch limo comes fully equipped with the latest technology and are extremely spacious, making them very popular with big parties of people. If you looking for everything a Hummer has got but not looking to pay Hummer prices then you should take a look at the Navigator Limousine to hire. Available in a variety of colours!

Lincoln Millennium limo

Lincoln Millennium limousine

The Lincoln Millennium stretch limo is the workhorse of stretch limousines. The white stretch limo is regularly seen around the UK and is one of our most popular models. Fitted with leather seating, champagne bar, and in-car entertainment systems. Many operators also offer a black limo version.

Party Bus limo

Party Bus limousine

The Limo or Party Bus limousine is one of the largest forms of group transportation with its interior offering countless options. Most are fitted with plasma TV’s, DVD, mini bars, laser light show, massive sound system, smoke machines and even bubble machines. Kitted out with a luxurious leather interior you’ll never want to travel on a public bus again!

Pink limos

Pink limousines

Pink limousine hire has become very popular over the last few years. It's girl's colour makes it very popular for hen nights and girly parties, but we often have men hiring it too! Extremely elegant in every respect as with all Lincolns but this limo has a head turning factor in the colour. Fully equipped with all the extras you expect with a top of the range Lincoln. If you’re looking for a limo that says ‘look at me’ a pink limousine is definitely the one to hire.

Pink Hummer limo

Pink Hummer limousine

The Pink Hummer is a very popular hire with hen nights and girly parties but sometimes it’s the men that request these. Stunning in every respect, a Pink Hummer says not just ‘look at me’ but ‘look at me now’. The Pink Hummer comes fully equipped with the best sound systems and electronics found in a limo. If you looking for something different to hire then the Pink Hummer Limousine is for you!

Porsche Cayenne limo

Porsche Cayenne limousine

Combining style and elegance and usually available in silver, this vehicle seats up to 12 people and will soon compete with the c300 Baby Bentley limousine and the Hummer limousine as "the" wedding car of choice.

Range Rover limo

Range Rover limousine

The Range Rover limo is exactly what it says on the tin. Specialists have converted these beautiful cars into stretch limos for you to party in. Anyone who likes the regular Range Rover will love the Range Rover limousine. There are only a few in the country so getting to ride in one is a real bonus and is a sight to see as an alternative to the 4x4 limo range of Hummers, Navigators or Ford Excursions. This is a real eye catcher.

Wedding car limo

Wedding Car limousines

Wedding cars are now more popular than ever before with many people choosing to get married in style. The most common wedding cars include the fabulous Bentley Arnage available for rental in peacock blue or silver and the beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom. We also provide classic wedding cars such as the 1930’s Beauford wedding car, the 1963 white S3 Bentley, the stunning 1964 silver Rolls Royce Cloud, the Austin Princess Vanden Plas and the Daimler limousine.

Other limos

Alternative limousines

Themed limousines are on the increase throughout the UK with many people choosing to hire them for hen nights and children’s parties. Perhaps the best known of these are fire engine limousine hire and the Party Bus Coach hire. However a whole range of lesser known but just as fun themed limousines are available for rental from and our limousine companies. View our other pages on Limo Hire Aberdeen, Limo Hire Berkshire , Limo Hire Birmingham , Limo Hire Blackpool , Limo Hire Bolton