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The West Midlands is situated in Western Central England with a population of 2,591,300. The county town of the West Midlands is Birmingham which is England's second largest city. Other cities of note are Coventry, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Solihull and Walsall. Limo hire in the West Midlands is amazing with a large and fabulous selection of stretch limousines. This includes massive Hummers, Excursion limousines, Navigators, Baby Bentleys, BMW X5 limos, Fire Engines and the only 16-seater Party Bus available in the West Midlands. To find out more about the amazing limos for hire in the West Midlands, contact today.

West Midlands limo hire for the best operators

limousine hire west midlands

Our West Midlands limo operators are some of the best in the limousine industry. The service they provide is second to none and our customers are never disappointed. Some of the biggest and best limousines are to be found in the West Midlands including the new and fantastic Audi Q7 limos and a massive Party Bus. To experience a fantastic limo service and some classy limousines in the West Midlands, contact us today.

West Midlands limousine hire

limo for hire in west midlands

1990 saw the opening of Cadbury World, the only purpose built visitor centre in the United Kingdom devoted entirely to chocolate. Limousine hire in West Midlands covers all areas including Birmingham with its fascinating museums, historic castles and legendary nightlife as well as Coventry, Dudley, Solihull, and Wolverhampton. If you have a sweet tooth why not hire a Hummer in West Midlands to take the kids party to Cadbury World. For the sweetest limousine rental in the West Midlands, contact Limotek today.

All occasion limousine hire West Midlands

limousine for hire in west midlands

Limo rental in the West Midlands can be used for anything but the most popular types of limousine events are as follows. For hen nights, typically either a pink limo or the Party Bus is the vehicle of choice whereas black, white and silver Hummers are most popular for stag parties. Your wedding in the West Midlands could do with a touch of class so why not try the Baby Bentley limousine (available as the cream Chrysler c300 limo or in silver)? A Fire Engine or one of the other themed limousine such as the cool army truck limousine is great for celebrating birthdays and business events need an executive style limousine such as the traditional stretch Lincoln limo. You may even need an airport transfer limo to go to Birmingham airport. Whatever the reason for renting limos in the West Midlands, we have it covered. Contact Limotek today and find that special limousine in the West Midlands.

Limousine Hire in the West Midlands for your school prom

Is your school prom in the West Midlands? If it is we can get you some amazing limousine deals. School proms is a very busy time of year, especially in the Midlands, so please book your limousine early to avoid disappointment. There are a fantastic array of limousines available such as hummers, Excursions, Navigators, Porsche Cayenne limousines, BMW's, Range Rovers, Fire Engines and even Party Buses. To find out more about the cheap limo hire in the West Midlands, contact us today.

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Pretty much any vehicle can be converted into a limousine these days. There are Big American limousines such as the Hummer and Lincoln Navigator limousine but also other 4x4 limos including the exotic Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 and Range Rover. Themed limousine have become very popular such as the Fire Engine and Party Bus and of course there is always the traditional stretch Lincoln limousine available in white, pink, black or silver. To find out more about hummer limousines in the West Midlands, contact Limotek today.