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limo hire Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the busiest tourist spots in the UK with over three million visitors a year, Cambridge is also famously home to one of the world's most prestigious universities, which is itself a source of much of that tourism. This, coupled with the traditional sights of punts, May Balls and cyclists, helps to create a romantic image of Cambridge that is known the world over. Limo hire in Cambridge has become very popular in the last few years and the quality and prestige of the vehicles available doesn’t disappoint. There are massive hummer limos (available in white, black, silver and pink are all available in Cambridge), Chrysler c300s (often referred to as the Baby Bentleys), Porsche Cayennes, Range Rovers, Pink limousines and many more. Contact Limotek to find out more about all the types of limousine available for hire in Cambridge.

Limo Hire Cambridge for the Best Operators

limousine hire Cambridge

Limotek have searched far and wide in Cambridge for limo services and we feel we have the best selection of limo operators Cambridge has to offer. These prestigious limos to rent are provided with a professionalism that is second to none and this quality first class service is matched only by the quality of vehicles available. Contact us today for quality limousines in Cambridge.

Limousine Hire Cambridge for a Tour of the City

limo for hire in Cambridge

Apart from its reputation for intellectual excellence, Cambridge has become an internationally recognised centre for technological innovation, with many of the world's foremost hi-tech companies - Microsoft, Philips and ARM to name a few - represented at the Science Park on the edge of Cambridge. Many of the microchips we use in such everyday items as mobile phones and MP3 players are designed in Cambridge. The fascinating history of Cambridge can be explored with ease using a stretch limousine. You can tour Cambridge in a beautiful silver Baby Bentley or visit a museum or the Cambridge University in a white stretch Lincoln. There are plenty of vehicles available for hire in Cambridge so contact Limotek today for the best limo hire deals Cambridge has to offer.

Limo Hire Cambridge for Everyone

limousine for hire in Cambridge

There are more than it's fair share of pubs and clubs in Cambridge to choose from, some of which date back centuries like the Pickerel, supposedly the oldest pub in Cambridge. There are other options in Cambridge such as the Kettle's Yard, a small intimate gallery, which showcases modern art and ceramics. The museums of Zoology and Anthropology on Downing Street, Cambridge are also hidden treasure troves. Arts venues such as the Junction and Corn Exchange offer an eclectic blend of live music, theatre and comedy, so there really is something for everyone. There are plenty of limousines ready to hire for everyone in Cambridge such as the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, Lincoln, Hummer, Navigator, Ford Excursion 4x4, Chrysler 'Baby Bentley', the list goes on. For a superb selection of limousines in Cambridge, contact now.

Limousine Hire Cambridge for Retail Therapy

Within Cambridge you'll find some of the best shopping in the region. Whether you're after department stores or designer shops, you'll find them here. The bustling Cambridge city centre market square, with a market every day of the week is at the heart of the Cambridge shopping district, the Grafton shopping centre is just a few minutes away and between them is a wealth of individual and national outlets to meet every need. And girls, we can find you the perfect limousine to cater for all your shopping needs in Cambridge. Imagine touring the Cambridge shopping outlets in a fabulous Porsche Cayenne limousine or if this is not big enough there is always the H2 Hummer. Contact Limotek today to book some of the best vehicles in Cambridge.

Limo Hire Cambridge Whatever the Occasion provide many vehicles in Cambridge whatever the event as we know limousines can be used for a variety of reasons. Pink is often a popular choice of colour for the ladies especially on their hen night in Cambridge and we have a 6 wheeler pink Navigator and a Pink Hummer available that is ideal for such an occasion. Lads can also make an entrance on their stag night with a massive hummer or Ford Excursion 4x4. How about hiring a Fire Engine for a birthday or impress clients and seal that important business deal with fantastic Porsche Cayenne stretch limousine for a corporate event. You can even reward your staff at their office party with the BMW X5. Your wedding in Cambridge will be even more stunning with Baby Bentley, Range Rover or traditional white Lincoln. has a huge range of limousines for hire available in Cambridge so contact today.

Limousine Hire Cambridge for Your School Prom

A school prom in Cambridge could well be one of the greatest nights of your life, so to make sure everything goes smoothly and to avoid disappointment, book your limousine early. With such a fantastic array of vehicles available in Cambridge, the biggest problem will be deciding which one to go for! Limotek are now taking bookings for school prom limos and we can supply a host of vehicles such as huge hummers, Baby Bentleys, Pink limos and hummers, white Lincoln Millenniums, Excursions, Porsche Cayennes, Range Rovers, Fire Engines and many more.

Limo Hire Cambridge for a Night on the Town

Cambridge entertainment venues come alive with music, comedy, movies and theatre. Many of Cambridge's greatest pleasures belong to the evening hours and after dark Cambridge transforms from that of punts, shops and sunny views to one of candlelit restaurants, traditional pubs and sophisticated clubs and bars. The limousine services in Cambridge can be used to make an amazing entrance to these bars and clubs. Imagine arriving at one of the clubs in a majestic hummer or impressing your mates as you turn up to the bar in an amazing and original Porsche Cayenne. Surprise your partner with a beautiful Baby Bentley to take them to a candlelit restaurant in Cambridge. So whatever your venue, Limotek has it covered with an excellent selection of vehicles to choose from. Contact and let us find you the right limousine hire for you in Cambridge.

Become Famous With Limo Hire Cambridge

Limousine hire in Cambridge has inspired some very famous people; Darwin, Newton, AA Milne, Wordsworth, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and Stephen Hawking to name a few. Today it is inspiring thousands of Cambridge students and leads the way in new and emerging technology. Be inspired with the limo hire in Cambridge, whatever the occasion or event and whatever the vehicle required, Limotek has got it covered so contact us today.