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Boxing Match limo hire

Why not use hire a limo for a boxing match? Boxing is a fist fighting sport between two matched combatants wearing padded gloves. A boxer’s aim is to land as many blows as possible to the head and torso of the opponent, using strength and speed to dominate the contest. This is one of the oldest sports still practiced and boxing dates back thousands of years. Today the sport is popular in many parts of the world and encompasses both amateur and professional matches. At we understand you need a quick and reliable service to make sure you don't miss a minute of the action so we have limousine companies covering all stadiums and boxing arenas. are here to help make things easy and also extra special and ensure the boxing match is a memorable one. We have access to a huge number of limousines from the standard stretch Lincoln limos, H2 & H3 Hummers, Range Rovers, Porsche limousines, Ford Excursions, Lincoln Navigator limousines, BMW X5 limousines, Jeep 4x4 limos, Party Buses, Fire Engines, Chrysler C300 Baby Bentleys and even the Audi limo.

Boxing Match limousine hire

Here are some ideas you, your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy with boxing match limousine hire to make that night more enjoyable:

  • Head off to a bar
  • Have a meal at a fancy restaurant
  • Go to a night club after the boxing match
  • Go to a stripper club after the boxing match
  • Visit a casino
  • Stay overnight at a hotel
Boxing Match limousine rental

Boxing match limo hire can be enjoyed with our stretched limousine service and we have access to over 300 vehicles all over the UK. Our limousines also come in vast array of colours such as pink, black, silver, white, gold, red and even orange; so the choice is entirely up to you.

Please be aware that limousine hire for boxing matches can be very expensive, as all limousines are hired on a first come first serve basis. This means you should contact us as soon as you are ready to book as we are more likely to get you a cheaper price.

Please contact our office on 0871 789 9911 with as much information as possible as we will need to check specific details and availability. Alternatively, you can just do a quote online and one of our sales advisors will call you back within a few hours.