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limo hire newcastle

You may be wondering about limo hire prices in Newcastle as a lot of people have not rented a limousine before. Generally speaking the bigger the vehicle, the higher the price. Hummers and other 4x4s are more expensive than the smaller stretch Lincoln Town Car as the Hummer limousine can hold up to 16 people, whereas the stretch car only 8. However a similarly sized Jeep Excursion limousine will have a lower limo hire price than the stretched Hummer. This is because the huge popularity of Hummers in Newcastle has increased the price. Even so, can find pink Hummer for very competitive prices in Newcastle. Contact for more information on limo prices in Newcastle.

limousine hire newcastle

Stretch limousines will be cheaper midweek or on a Sunday. Demand for vehicles is greater on a Friday or Saturday in Newcastle so the prices are often higher. Booking early for airport transfers, school proms and weddings is another great way of keeping prices down. Limousine companies are always keen to get their vehicles and wedding cars booked up so will offercheaper prices if you book early. Contact now for a quote and some amazing low limousine prices in Newcastle.