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stretch chauffeur limo hire

The chauffeur is part and parcel of stretch limo hire but how many people know about the origin of the word chauffeur. While the term chauffeur may refer to anybody who drives a car for a living, it really implies drivers of a luxury car such as a limousine. There is plenty of limousine companies that offer limousine driven by a chauffeur in the UK. Contact to find out more about the stretched limousine chauffeur in the UK.

The stretch limo chauffeur is beneficial in a number of ways including convenience, time savings and driver safety. This last reason is very important and limousine services make sure that the chauffeur has the correct driver license, limo driver experience and a clean driving history. Contact for an insight into the current regulations for the stretched limousine chauffeur in the UK.

stretch chauffeur limousine hire

So where does the word chauffeur originate from. Chauffeur is the French word for driver and comes from the verb ‘chauffeur’ (to heat) and also means ‘he who heats’. The early steam powered car required the driver to keep the engine hot, hence chauffeur.

The stretch limousine chauffeur has to wear proper and quality attire. This usually includes a cleaned and pressed black or dark suit and jacket, a pressed, crisp dress shirt and appropriate tie, as well as polished black shoes. Some limousine companies have uniforms for the chauffeurs, and some require that hats are worn in addition to the uniform. Though some limousine companies do not keep strictly to this standard, the stretched limousine chauffeur is expected to dress smart.