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aberdeen hummer limo hire

Limousines in Aberdeen have become a fashion icon, if you are not seen in a Hummer limo in Aberdeen on a Saturday night then you not considered to be a popular person, 10 years ago everyone thought to hire a limousine was really expensive and that only celebrities could afford to hire a limo. As a matter of fact the limousine industry prices have actually gone down in the last few years because of the vast amount of limousine companies. As everyone is trying to undercut everyone else. That is why we at work with the clients to get them what they want, and at the same time we also able to spread the business to all the limousine companies so that no one feels left out. We as a limo broker can also benefit the clients as we get wholesale prices from the limousine companies so that we can become a good competitor in the market. Also as a limo broker we have access to more limousines than anyone else, so if you want a Hummer limo or a fire engine limo we can get them all.

aberdeen hummer limousine hire

We have the following vehicles available right now, standard Stretch Lincoln limousines, H2 Hummers, H3 Hummer limo hire, Range Rovers, Porsche Cayenne limos, Ford Excursions, Lincoln Navigator limos, Fire Engines, Audi Q7 limousines, Chrysler C300 Baby Bentleys and even the new Ferrari limousine.

All these limos also come in different colours such as red, blue, yellow, orange, white, black, silver and even orange. There are two models of hummers which are the hummer H2 or the Hummer H3. Both are amazing and fun to sit in.  We have both types available in Aberdeen and can seat from 5 people to 16 or 20 people. In most of the hummer limos there are mirrored ceilings, laser lights, karaoke machine, smoke machine, plasma TV, DVD, bar filled with bubbly and soft drinks, also you can bring your favourite music to listen in the limousine.

So now you know a bit about the hummer limos in Aberdeen, please feel free to get a quote.