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manchester 8-wheel hummer limo hire

Back in town is the rare yellow eight wheeler hummer limo hire. You don’t see many of these about and we have this vehicle in the Manchester area. It holds 16 passengers inside, has a yellow exterior and interior and the H2 hummer limo hire has the best sound system money can buy.

The H2 Hummer limo hire in Manchester has plasma TVs, laser lighting, disco lights, LCD lighting and it also has a huge bar in there. When this H2 Hummer limo hire in Manchester is moving around the Manchester area, you will be turning heads!

manchester 8-wheel hummer limousine hire

The H2 hummer limo hire's unique feature is that is has 8 wheels on it and it looks amazing. When you see a H2 hummer limo hire with 8 wheels it is called a triple axle limousine. There are not many 16-seater hummers in the Manchester area as many people are not allowed to carry more than 8 passengers. This unique H2 hummer limo hire is very rare in the UK. Not only do you get the perfect H2 hummer limousine hire but you also get great value for money considering the capacity and extra features.

So when you're having a night or a day out, please contact us at and we will make sure that when you order this vehicle the H2 hummer limo hire in Manchester will be the best night out you've ever had. Why not visit some of our other national pages Limo Hire Bradford , Limo Hire Brighton , Limo Hire Hounslow , Limo Hire London , Limo Hire Bristol