The Ford Excursion limousine

by Limotek on December 18, 2008

Ford Excursion limousines can often be mistaken for Hummers. In fact, it’s easy to see why, both are 4×4s, both are American stretched limos and both are packed to the ceiling with gadgets. Introduced to the public in 2000 the Ford Excursion limousine was one of the largest SUV’s on the market. Its rounded shape and style communicates bold strength which translates well when stretched. As a great alternative to the Hummer, the Ford Excursion is becoming very popular primarily as it is often cheaper in price compared to Hummers with no shortfall of luxury.

The Ford Excursion limousine is available in most colours including white, black, silver and pink and has enough space to party without ever leaving the limo, which typically carries up to 14 people although some Ford Excursions have a capacity of up to 20 people. The pink version of the Excursion has proved very popular for hen nights and girl’s birthday parties and is often billed the ‘Playboy Excursion’.

The Ford Excursion limo keeps pushing away at the Hummer for top spot in the 4×4 stakes and not only does it have ample room but it also comes with a factory fitted under bumper roll bar feature. This prevents smaller vehicles from sliding underneath the Ford Excursion limo in an accident. So for a safe but fun limo hire why not try the Ford Excursion limousine available to hire today. Packed with enough gadgets to keep the lads amused for days, the Ford Excursion is a good alternative to the Hummer without the high price tag.

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