The Chrysler Baby Bentley limousine

by Limotek on December 18, 2008

The Chrysler c300 Baby Bentley limousine was inspired by Bentley has been innovatively engineered by Chysler to make a chic yet powerful limousine that is growling in popularity. This limousine oozes class and has fast become a favourite for events such as Royal Ascot, school proms and restaurant dates.

The reason this Chrysler limousine is often referred to as a ‘Baby Bentley’ is due to the similar look and style but mainly because of the front grill that is characteristic of Bentleys. Some Chrysler limousines also come fitted with Lamborghini style doors (known and ‘Lambo Bentleys’) where the doors rotate to open and has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Many limousine experts believe the Chrylser C300 limousine will soon become the most popular limo seen in the UK usurping the Lincoln Town Car. Unlike the Lincoln, the Baby Bentley looks and feels more classy and is ideal for impressing business executives and clients at corporate events.

Originally the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limousine could only be hired in a pearl cream or white colour, however, now the Baby Bentley is available in a variety of other colours including silver, black and even a pink Baby Bentley (ideal for school proms and hen nights). Perhaps the most stunning colour of Chrysler is the Shockwave Apple Candy Baby Bentley limousine in a unique red hue.

Whatever the occasion, if your looking to hire a limousine that is professional and classy, the Chrysler limo may be the option for you.

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