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by Limotek on August 1, 2008 has now joined social networking website Facebook and social bookmarking website Squidoo in an effort to increase business levels. Both websites have been established for a number of years and are considered valuable business resources.

Facebook, (orignally launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg whilst as Harvard University) is now the second largest social networking website on the web behind MySpace and is considered the top social networking website within the UK. The Facebook page contains regularly updated news of the limo hire industry as well as reports of special offers in certain areas. Facebook members will also have the opportunity to receive a 10% discount off any booking if they become a fan. The discount is available through quoting a code held on the Facebook page.

Limotek Facebook Page

Squidoo was launched in October 2005 by, a company based in New York and is a website designed to make it easy for anyone to set up a single page to promote a topic with the key benefit being no charges to do so. Squidoo is a network of user-generated lenses -single pages that highlight one person’s point of view, recommendations, or expertise.

Through Squidoo, is now able to amalgamate various promotional mediums for limo hire such as videos, blogs, websites, articles, etc. and have them all in one easy to find page.

Limotek Squidoo Lens

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